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A free platform for Aviation Enthusiasts, Professionals and Amateurs alike, where you can connect, learn, and network. Our platform was created with one goal - to have a centralised place for Aviation news, learning opportunities and networking!

What is The Aviation Base all about?

We are a free one-stop Aviation platform for those who want to defy gravity as well as those who want to assist them! Whether you are a professional pilot, a hobbyist, or simply curious, you have come to the right place!

Let’s connect, upskill and engage with people who share the same passion!

We strive to keep our platform updated with:

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Why join The Aviation Base?

As Aviation Professionals and Enthusiasts, we struggled to find a one-in-all platform that brought like-minded people together.

We felt that we all need and deserve a community that allows us to grow, learn, and connect. There’s no use talking about a problem unless you try to figure out the solution. Right?
Naturally the next step for us was to create The Aviation Base.

Join us because:

Connect & Network

Are you ready to become a part of one of the most exciting Aviation communities?

You can ask and answer questions, form groups, send direct messages to your favourite members, and even start your own blog!

Upskill & Grow

Continuous learning gives us wings!

This is why we collaborate with the best in the industry to deliver webinars, clinics and other training opportunities.

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Engage & Belong

Keep-up-to-date with Industry News.

Read our articles, interviews, and blogs on topics ranging from sustainability and safety, to career development and wellbeing in the Aviation Industry.


By Captain Steve Rennison Mentoring is a really valuable tool…

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